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Christopher Galligan is a Los Angeles based Artist who began painting at age 11. Galligan's work is the culmination of his imagination and the many artistic forms and styles ranging from abstract to Impressionism. By adding his own mix of whimsical realism - which he's coined 'whimism' -Galligan's pet portraits are truly a breed apart. Animal Fair Magazine writes that...


 "Galligan has an uncanny ability to extract an animal’s personality and depict it vividly in his priceless Paintings."


Although he is constantly experimenting with new ways to express himself artistically, the one constant in Galligan's work is the freedom of expression that comes when paint meets surface. In 2000, he discovered wooden 'pallet tops,' which are typically used to secure and protect loads of paper.


"I started painting on them and found them to be a very unique surface unlike anything I'd ever seen... and the process has been a huge part of my journey as an artist. I love the way paint and wood mingle together!"


Inspired by this new discovery, Galligan expanded to painting on found metals (washer and dryer panels), woods, canvas and various other mediums that enhance the style, texture and look of his creations. His paintings have been showcased in five-star hotels, such as The Fairmont Miramar in Santa Monica, along with other oceanfront boutique hotels. 

Galligan's style has won over collectors, interior designers and pet lovers worldwide. His work has been featured nationally on television and in Hollywood movies, including 'Scrubs,' 'Nip Tuck,' 'New Adventures of Old Christine,' 'Bones,' 'The X-list,' and on the big screen in 'The Hottie & the Nottie' starring Paris Hilton. Galligan's Paintings are owned by many well-known celebrities, including Anthony Hopkins, Matthew McConaughey, Brian Wilson, Carla Gucini, John Cleese, Connie Britton, Kate Beckinsale, Bill Maher, and Anthony Robbins, just to name a few. 


Galligan has been published in various Magazines including Animal Fair, 944, Metropolitan Home, Coastal Living, Angeleno, The Weekly Star, Beauty News L.A., The Corsair, and the list goes on… 


Demand for Galligan’s work continues to flourish on the strength of gallery exposure, word-of-mouth among collectors, and media praise. 

Today, Galligan's work is headed in many exciting directions, with a number of new projects such as a home-living line, coast-to-coast gallery representation and worldwide hotel exposure.


Galligan is the proud father of two sons who continuously give him the motivation and support to keep refining and reinventing his craft. As a strong proponent of child and animal welfare, and the environment. Galligan often donates his work to assistance organizations, and a portion of every sale goes to nonprofit groups who share his ideals of peace, harmony and happiness for all living creatures.

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