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Gallery: Masks & Repurps

Bali Masks & Repurposed Dudes

Galligan has always enjoyed giving back to Animal, Children and Environmental Causes and these “Bali Masks” and "Repurposed Dudes" truly help keep our Beaches Clean! 

A Portion of your money Benefits Local Charities.
Each “Repurp” is made out of Recycled junk picked up from our Local Beaches keeping our Coast Clean and preventing Wildlife and Sealife from being Harmed.

The “Bali Masks” have become very popular and
are a cool vibration of my love for faraway travels and adventures to Bali, and can be customized to your Colors and Sizes.

One of a Kinds' are always on custom Built woodpanels signed by GALLIGAN!

$200 - $1500

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