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Custom Pet Portraits

Christopher Galligan takes pride in every Custom Pet Portrait he paints and starts out with a one of a kind hand made wood panel that comes to you ready to Hang.

As easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Take a few close up photos of your pet's face.

*Tip: Get down to your pet's eye level with natural lighting on their face to get a happy face! “Go for a walk, offer a treat, chase a squirrel, etc!” Have fun! 

2. Contact your Artist Chris and choose size and background color.

3. Enjoy your Custom Pet Portrait forever!


Acrylic on wood panel with screws. 
(Ready to hang)

• Larger & custom sizes available by request

• Inquires, questions or special requests? 

(Up to 12" x 12")


(Up to 18" x 18")


(Up to 24" x 24")


(Up to 30" x 30")


• “Full-body” & “Twosome” portraits available

* Your Artist Chris would be happy to take photos for you, for an additional fee.

Call or Text:

Or send your pet's photo via email:

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